Epic Leaves of Nature

This is a blog centered around Blue Sky's Epic, and you'll find things like fan art and other things relating to the movie. There may be a post from me (the admin) from time to time, but you can tumblr saviour "admin note" to dodge them.

If you want to dodge spoilers, you can tumblr saviour "epic spoilers", "spoilers", "epic the movie spoilers", "epic 2013 spoilers", etc.

The admin's name is Sabine, by the way. You pronounce it Suh-bee-nuh, or Sabina. The e's pronounced as an a. It's nice to meet you!


Casual reminder that the Junior Novel and the Art of Epic books are available to buy.

Please do your best to support Epic! 

(Also, you might want to check out the Leaf Men.)

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